Together human OUT OF conviction

Our mission is to provide treatment care for all people, regardless of their beliefs, skin color or religion, who need our help because of a their health condiciones, in order to live in their respective home.

we love what we do

who we are

We are a care service from Neuss, who is specialized in professional care of patients in intensive care, palliative and home ventilator therapy.

Our patients include children and adults of all ages.

what we do

Beside the basic nursing care, we focus on the treatment care. 

The lenght of time and intensity of nursing care depends on the individual circumstances of each patient. 


IntensivCare GmbH

Zollstrasse 21

41460 Neuss


T: +49 (0) 2131/ 73 96 331

F: +49 (0) 2131/ 75 288 16



Mobile Phone (24-hour-service):

+49 (0) 174-170 11 66